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Wireless Qualcomm Fast Charger with 3 USB Ports
Key Specifications/Special Features:
Powerful Fast Wireless Charger with 3 USB ports
1. Small size, high-efficiency, portability, stable product quality
2. Protection: input, output over-voltage, short-circuit, over-current and cleverly perfect protection
3. Working temperature: 0 to 40C, 10-90%RH
Storage temperature: -20 to 85C, 10-90%, altitude<3000m
4. Reliability: dielectric strength, 3000V AC, 60 seconds 10mA
Leakage current: 0.25mA max
5. Fine workmanship, good material, very easy to use
Suitable for: tablet PC, phone, power bank, Bluetooth speakers and universal USB interfaces
Essential parameters
Rated input voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Rated output power: 24W
Input specifications: Plug-in
Output specification: USB interface
Technical parameters
Input voltage range: 100-240V AC
Input voltage frequency: 50/60Hz
Output voltage: 5 ±0.25V DC
Output voltage regulation rate: ±0.5-1%
Output rated current: 3.6-8=3.0, 9-12V=2.0A
Current output range: 0-3.0A
Efficiency: 85%
Output ripple resistance: =1%
Output over-current protection: Power automatically shut-off, when load exceeds 130%
Maximum output power: 24W
Input overvoltage protection: Power automatically shut-off, when output voltage exceeds 120%
In the box:
1 x wireless charger
1 x charging connecting cable